Film to AVCHD – Fast

Express Film to HD Conversion

Direct Film transfers in HD – Just $0.22/ft

Minimum charge is $45  – an equivalent of 320ft of film

Film conversion to AVCHD – Express

HomeDVD offers to transfer your films directly to DVD using the AVCHD video format, without incurring the cost involved with the many longer manual steps we use in our Archival HD film transfer method.  Your films are digitized and published directly to DVD in AVCHD video, in fewer steps thus saving you money.

Your HD Video will be encoded to 1280 x 720p screen resolution. The higher HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 is not offered.

As a bonus, any Super 8 or 16mm film that you have, that has audio encoded on its film stock, is captured and processed free of charge.  An added benefit of a real time system.  Though we support the rare 8mm films that do have encoded audio, it is not available in our Express service.

We do not offer any DIY editing services.  There are no YUV or any other frame accurate HD video formats available in this HD Express level of service.

What is not delivered! – Things you should know.

Real time film transfer methods are not without compromises.

First, films must be ‘telecined’ or converted to the TV rate of 30 frames per second (fps), from the natural 16fps or 18fps rate of the film when it was first recorded. This process of frame rate conversion must be done in real time.  As a result, the film frames will be blended one to the next, yielding a softer look to the video output.  Any real time film transfer system will produce this effect – some systems more/less than others.  Secondly, due to the random nature of the scene to scene colour changes or casts, (particularly bad is 8mm film) and shifting brightness levels, color correction and other adjustments are not done. The film color casts and shifts are captured and processed as they occur.  Thirdly, the output video frames may be cropped slightly and lastly there may be some flicker to the output, -though mild.  All these artifacts of couse are not experienced using our Archival Film transfer system.  If these anomalies are not a factor in your decision to transfer your films with us then HomeDVD HD Express is the way to go.


There are a few options available to you.

The HD video files can be delivered on different media:

  • AVCHD on standard DVD for ready viewing on a Blu-ray player*, copies $9.95 per disk
  • AVCHD on Archival Gold disk for viewing on a Blu-ray player*, at $16.95 per disk
  • MP4 encoded video on a USB-2 memory stick in unauthored format ready for Edit/DIY publishing – Flat $25

..or call us at 613 836-9683 or Email: at for further details.

* Note – Blu-ray player must recognize AVCHD encoded DVD disks in order to play.  See compatible Blu-ray players here.