cmdDVDShrink is a software tool written using AutoHotKey and compiled as an executable file using the Ahk2exe tool included with AutoHotKey (no password was used).

Its purpose is to provide basic command-line functionality for DVD Shrink 3.2. Since the software is macro-based, it will never be as reliable as a feature implemented directly into DVD Shrink. It was created by us here at HomeDVD but never used in a production environment. As a result, it has not been stress-tested in the same manner as other scripts we’ve created.


  • Compatible with DVD Shrink 3.2
  • Only works with Microsoft Windows, as AutoHotKey was created for Windows only. Has only been tested on Windows XP.

How to use

cmdDVDShrink takes two parameters from the command-line: an input folder, and an output folder. Example:

cmddvdshrink.exe “c:\video” “c:\video_shrunk”

What The Macro Does

  1. The macro will create the output folder if it doesn’t exist
  2. It will then launch DVD Shrink 3.2
  3. It will activate the backup feature (Ctrl+B)
  4. Once the Backup DVD window appears, it will click the drop-down box and choose the Hard Disk Folder option, and fill in the specified output folder
  5. It will then start the backup process and wait until it is completed before exiting

Download cmdDVDShrink (file unavailable for now)

  • v1.0.0

Revision History

  • 1.0.0
    • Initial release

Bug Reports/Comments/Suggestions

Send them to us by e-mail and we’ll consider your request. We do our best to be prompt with our responses, however we cannot guarantee that everyone will receive a reply. Since this is free software, we can only dedicate so much of our resources to it.


Free. Modify all you want, but please send any worthy updates back our way. Use at your own risk!