How to get a vectorscope and waveform monitor running on BlackMagic Design and other video capture devices.

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Optimizing realtime video streams before committing to final output used to be a big deal. Now with smaller high performance computer platforms, many of the problems of getting the video just right is becoming second nature. Here at RHMG – HomeDVD we have developed a realtime video measurement and calibration software tool called MultiScopelite. A high performing yet low cost set of video software tools for the video professional. In the lab, the studio or in the field, getting your video right leaves no compromise. Our video software...

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What’s a better deal when transferring your films?

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…a professional film transfer or a DIY? [widget_proxy widget_id=addthis-widget-7] Having a lot of film to digitize before it deteriorates any further raises two choices to think about. One, getting the film transferred by a professional transfer facility or two, doing it yourself or DIY for short. Whether the choice is a Standard Definition (SD) or a High Definition (HD) transfer the concept is the same. The HD choice however will usually present a higher cost depending on the telecine method you choose. So, what does going the DIY...

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What are your memories really worth?

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You just got a great deal on a new digital photo camera with all of the bells and whistles one could ask for. “Boy oh boy a high end DSLR Nikon with a premium lens kit”. You just can’t believe that you got this brand spankin’ new camera for less than half retail and just in time to record the vacation of your dreams to boot. The stars couldn’t have aligned better. “The guy I bought it from just didn’t know what he was selling, his loss my gain. I should test the camera in more detail though. New batteries, check, a big capacity SD card,...

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Techno Info Blog Posts

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  Add your comments here. To contribute, download my article here.

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Protected: Film Resto Beta Tester Feedback Log

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Ok, I’ll start here. First things first.  Download operating system compatibility code for Windows machines. Necessary DLL’s get em here There are two EXE”s here after unzip ===  vcredist_x86.exe   and   vcrdist_x64.exe. Just double click on vcredist_x86 for 32bit and 64 bit WinXP and Win 7.  Use the x64 bit if you get error messages when you attempt to launch the resto software. Get your video test files from our FTP location by using: They are SD AVI files for now.  If you want other...

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Film Preservation or Restoration – Any Difference?

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Preserving and Restoring at risk films is a big deal. Yes, there is a significant difference between these two concepts in terms of corrective processes and methods. In a nutshell, film preservation has to do with the recovery of the physical film body itself, if possible.  Film frames that are very much degraded or heavily damaged are in the realm of those dedicated in attempting to get back those pieces of cinematic history as complete as possible.  Wide temperature variations, uncontrolled humidity and abuse are the main culprits to...

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Film Restoration Software Vendor Overview

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RHMG – Bill Werba The industrial grade film restoration application space is not an overly occupied one.  You can count the number of these software vendors on your fingers.  Some are well known and well entrenched in the industry, yet others are relative new comers attempting to take a piece of the market pie in this narrow niche.  Did I say the tools are expensive?  The least expensive with a common set of filters costs $3000 and goes up from there.  Not your average pricing for the everyday Joe to buy into.  Packages range from...

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True Film Restoration services in the B2C Market

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RHMG – Bill Werba As a B2C business owner in the home movie transfer business, I’m always looking for ways to improve and add to my services for my customers.  Where are things trending?   What’s next for the industry to stay relevant? From my point of view, the next stage in services evolution is Film Restoration, which has long been available at the B2B industrial level but is considered too expensive for Joe (sorry, and Mary) consumer.  I’m referring to a complementary service where amateur family films are truly restored to its...

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Competitive Comparison of an HD Film Transfer

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  HomeDVD has gone ahead again to check out the competition on the quality of an HD film transfer for small gauge movie film, with some surprisingly good results. A standard 3″ reel of  color 8mm film was assembled that exhibited a range of  transfer system challenges.  The film was old and was quite grainy making image sharpness tough to discern on some scenes.  The test film reel had a mix of dark, very dark, nicely exposed, clear and high contrast scenes. The claim that an HD film transfer for home movies will take full...

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Certain Truths About Amateur Film

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How poor is small gauge film –Really!! The fact is that that old 8mm and Super 8 mm film (and yes even some 16mm) is not all that it is cracked up to be in terms of its supposedly inherent super properties.  There is lots of talk in the forums, other discussion groups and blogs about how 8mm film has great resolution and high dynamic range. I say phooey!! Yes there is film stock like Fuji’s Velvia line and Kodak EKTAR 100 that exhibits great colour saturation, exceptional contrast and of course fine grain properties, but as for...

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