HD to SD Transfer Combination

Not sure if your film transfer is good enough for HD?

Now you can essentially try before you commit to an HD film conversion project.

Find out at $0.32/ft  that’s it.

Since the introduction of our HD (High Definition) film transfer services, there has been a lot of buzz and questions on whether 8mm or Super 8mm films are good enough for doing a film transfer in high definition. Between the original quality of the films’ photographic rendering and the effects of over use and storage conditions on the film stock, it could be a tough call.  Emotional considerations aside. I have written an article on this topic in the Blog.

There is the aspect of extra cost of an HD film transfer and the overall value of the final outcome when in hindsight an SD transfer would have been a better choice.  Many customers have noted that they just can’t remember what’s on the films as they do not have a projector to review them in order to make a more informed decision.  They just want the best outcome for the money spent.

HomeDVD has a solution that will benefit both sides of the cost – benefit dilemma.  One, to keep overall costs down and the other to provide the positive results of an HD based transfer. Here is what is offered and how it works.

To take advantage of this HD and SD combination, we will capture the individual frames of your film reels in uncompressed 2 Megapixel 1920×1080 high definition format rather than our 720×480 DV format.

HomeDVD will then review the content at that point and provide a report of our opinion as to the viability of going through the complete HD transfer process or not. If our recommendation is to not proceed with the film transfer in HD, we will continue the film conversion process but using our SD workflow instead. The outcome would be a standard film to DVD transfer but with the enhanced benefit of our high resolution HD imaging headend.

Our work in this area has shown that an SD film transfer whose film frames have been captured using a very high resolution headend will produce quite notable improvements in video imagery when compared to using a standard 720×480 DV headend.

The cost of this new service would be our regular $0.25/ft plus $0.07/ft for a total of $0.32/ft.  If we do not proceed with the HD transfer, the costs end there (aside from considering options like color correction etc.).  That’s it.

We will then proceed to convert and downscale the HD video stream to SD format, followed by standard authoring and burning to DVD.  As an added bonus, the 2MP images are available free of charge if a hard drive is provided, as will be the SD film masters if requested.


HD to SD film transfer is $0.32/ft. High Definition resolution at SD prices.

See our complete price list on our film to HD service.